We are a well-respected & highly sought after Welding & FabricationHeavy Duty Truck Mechanical, & Frac Heater Manufacturer located in the Medicine Hat area since 2009.  Throughout our years in business, Dynamic Industrial Solutions, has become a versatile and innovative company, that currently performs projects locally, throughout Western Canada, and into the United States of America.  We pride ourselves on excellent workmanship, a commitment to quality and we are always looking for ways to improve and expand our services.

We realize that good customer “SERVICE” is #1.  As a result, our Manufacturing, Welding, and Mechanical Divisions assist our clientele throughout the work day as well as after hours. Our doors are open from 7:00 AM – 4:30 PM, five days a week, however, Dynamic Industrial Solutions understand that emergencies can and will happen at any time, and therefore, we provide 24 hour emergency service.


Manufacturer of Frac Water Heaters

  • Manufacturer of 40 million BTU Skid Mounted Frac Heating Unit
  • Manufacturer of 60 million BTU Skid Mounted Frac Heating Unit
  • Frac Heater Re-Mounts/Swaps/Upgrades
  • Provide Rental Frac Heater for Canadian and US Markets

Provide Welding & Fabrication Services

  • In-House Fabrication – Skids, Piping Spools, modules.
  • Field Fabrication & Portable Welding Services – High Voltage Structural, Pile caps, piping
  • Power Generation and Oil & Gas Facilities
  • Agricultural & Food Processing Facilities – Stainless, Pipe Drops, Process Piping
  • Industrial Maintenance & Plant Turnarounds
  • Green Field Start-ups
  • Substations/Field Welding

Provide Heavy Duty Truck Mechanical Services

  • Heavy Duty Truck Service – All makes and models
  • Tank Inspections/Mobiles Tank Inspections
  • Volvo Heavy Duty Trucks affiliated dealership – Warranty, Service, Parts
  • Heavy Duty Truck & Trailer Parts Division

Donovan Bellamy President
Harold Scholz Operation Manager
Joe de Wit Sales Manager/Business Development
Todd Letkeman Fabrication Shop Foreman
Jennifer Ford Controller
Kurtis Morrow Fabrication Shop Foreman
Ashley Schneider Parts Sales Technician
Kevin Moore Service Advisor
David Fortune Inside Sales
Jim Kuss Welding Supplies & Gases Sales

Our Vision

  • We will be the industry leader in providing industrial and
    fabrication solutions.
  • We provide an excellent working environment for our team.
  • We will provide growth and opportunity for ourselves and
    our customers.
  • We will provide balance for our families and be proud contributors to our communities.

Our Mission

We will exceed our clients’ expectations through excellence, learning, and innovation.

Safety Because we care about our employees and their families, we will work safely together.
Balanced Life We strive to have our employees achieve a balanced lifestyle.
Legacy We are concerned about what we are leaving behind.
Integrity We do what we say. We are accountable.
Teamwork We (not I) work together to accomplish common goals.
Flexibility & Creativity We recognize that circumstances in certain situations or areas may call for different solutions.
Empowerment We delegate authority and responsibility to others in order to develop leaders.
Innovation & Change We embrace change and continuous learning, encouraging the development of new and innovative ideas.
Excellence We maintain a high standard.
Esteem We treat everyone with honour and respect.
Communication We listen and we share information and ideas.
Attitude We have a positive attitude. Attitude is the single most important value contributing to our success.